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About IDA

Our History

Founded in 2003, Initial Drift Australia is proud to be the first car club in Australia to be sanctioned by the Confederation of Australian Motor Sports (CAMS) under the new "Drifting" category. This allows drifting events to be run at closed circuits with all the safety of a normal track event. IDA has been involved with events ranging from beginner drift schools to full 32-car competition events at Oran Park, Eastern Creek and Wakefield Park, as well as put demonstrations on for the likes of Procar, the Australian Rally Championship and Superlap (World Time Attack Challenge).

IDA isn't just a club run by administrators. A dedicated team of drifters who have been involved in the club for many years and ensure that every event is enjoyable for beginners right through to the experienced drifters. Incorporated as a not for profit organisation means any profits raised at our track days go back into the club to help us make our days better.

About Our Days
About IDA

We are proud to call Wakefield Park Raceway our home circuit, with a long history of organising days at this venue.  Drifters are fortunate enough to have three configurations available to them at Wakefield with two known as the short and long tracks regularly on offer to hone your skills. The Short Track has a tighter technical section which is good for the lower powered cars all the way through to the more experienced guys. Long Track is the traditional Wakefield Park layout where the speeds reached are a lot higher then that of the small track but is still within reach of the newer guys who want to tackle it. IDA have been doing this for a long time and we know how to put a good day on. We focus on the grass roots level of drifting which means a relaxed environment for drivers and spectators is on offer and, if you are eager to learn there are ample drivers available to help guide you in getting better. Drivers who attend our days are always more than willing to help with car set up or some driving tips so don't be afraid to ask if you're new!

Where are IDA days?

So this space as supposed to be to advertise our events. If you're up to date on FB you'll know why but this explains it a little more...

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