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Pete is one of the OG drifters and was involved with getting drifting recognised as an official motorsport in Australia. Involved with the club since its inception Pete now oversees the function and direction of the club. Not interested in the spotlight or competition driving, he has managed to keep IDA real and focused on what is important for the drift community. Pete pilots IDA180 and has owned the car since the early 2000's.




Erin is IDA's faithful secretary and just loves drifting. While only being involved with drifting since 2012, the drift bug has well and truly bitten her. Focusing on getting better each time she hits the track, Erin has improved her driving substantially and just loves being at the track. With a drag racing history in her family, we are glad she has seen the light! Erin pilots Burnsy which has highlights of purple so be careful.



Technical Master

Adam is the tech adviser for IDA. With an extensive history in building and preparing race and drift cars Adam's experience in invaluable when it comes to our track safety matters. Adams first drift day was an IDA day at Oran Park way back in 2010. Since then his cars have evolved and now owns an SR powered FD RX7. Adam pilots SRFD at days although it is still a work in progress he intends to have it on the track soon!

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