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Drift Mongrel Vinyl Cut Custom

Drift Mongrel Vinyl Cut Custom


Drift Mongrel Vinyl Cut


Size: You Tell Us! We offer a custom size option up to 550mm.


Worn proudly on many drift cars throughout the world since it's inception in 2004, the Drift Mongrel has become a cult classic for drifters.


Originally designed in conjunction with our good friend at Johhny Karate Design as a drift Mascot. We never anticipated the populatrity of this character and are extremely proud to have it recognised as an historic part of drift culture.


Manufactured from premium Metamark polymeric calendered signmaking vinyl*, these are made to last! The manufacturer states 5 years but with a garaged car, it will last much longer.


Assembled with care and only using the best materials, the R-Tape application tape makes placing these stickers a breeze!


*Metamark colours are White, Black, Silver, Gold, Charcoal, Lilac, Tomatoe Red, Magenta and Orange. Other listed colours have been sourced from different suppliers but are all still 5+ year signmaking vinyl.


This product is designed to be applied using both wet and dry application techniques.

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