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About IDA D-Days


Wakefield Park Raceway

This day will be a full drift day.

Track day schedule includes two track layouts being the infield circuit and whole circuit. If weather conditions are extremely wet we will assess on the day and advise which configuration we can run (sorry but we need to look after the facilities we use).

YOUR CAR WILL NEED TO PASS SCRUTINEERING - Working seat belts or valid harnesses, properly installed seats, working brakes and brake lights, working windscreen wipers if it rains, all wheel nuts present and no leaks are the basics. Convertibles will not be allowed unless they have a roll cage that extends above the driver's head. Any questions, please ask.

We have noticed that cars attending the event have had the same issues time after time so a warning system is now in place. If you do not attempt to rectify issues that have been pointed out track access will be denied.

YOU WILL NEED AN AS1698 (that little red and silver sticker) APPROVED HELMET, LONG SLEEVES, PANTS AND CLOSED SHOES. Advanced drivers are encouraged to wear race suits!


Gold IDA or DS Member: $TBC
Silver IDA Member: $TBC
Associate IDA Member: $TBC
Non-member: $TBC

Pay on the day: $TBC
*For those of you who would like to pay on the day, do not complete the event registration form.

Yearly Associate Membership: $TBC per year. Gives you membership in a CAMS affiliated club and the ability to hold a CAMS L2NS/L2S license, which is required for most drift events. No other benefits. Available on the day. Get this if you only intend to do a few days. You can upgrade at any time to a full membership

CAMS L2NS license: $TBC Available on the day. Payable on the day.
Wakefiled Park license: $TBC Available on the day

NOTE: The CAMS license is a once-yearly payment (excluding daily license). After applying for one, you will eventually receive a license in the mail that can be used at all of our events for one year. If you signed up for one last time and have not yet received it, please bring the tear-off bit you received. Wakefield Park license is valid for 12 months from date of purchase and can be used at any Wakefield or Winton event in that period.

Spectators: $FREE

Here's how to work out how much it costs for you:
If you're an IDA or DS GOLD member with a CAMS licence, it's $TBC
If you're an IDA SILVER member with a CAMS licence, it's $TBC
If you're an Initial Drift Associate Member with a CAMS licence, it's $TBC
If you're not a member of any drift club, $TBC

If you're an IDA member and want to pay on the day: $TBC *Do not complete the registration form
If you're not an IDA member and want to pay on the day: $TBC *Do not complete the registration form

Pre Pay Only

Read and agree to this:
1. EVENT DESCRIPTION: This event will be single car drift practice, the action of driving a vehicle in a series of controlled slides throughout a pre-determined course, maintaining a standard of control. All activity will take place on the designated track section behind appropriate safety barriers. This event includes but is not limited to the following guidelines:
2. DRIVER BRIEFING: All drivers, without exception, will be required to attend the compulsory driver/participant's briefing prior to being allowed on the course. All drivers must hold a valid CAMS L2NS licence or superior. If they do not, they can apply for one.
3. ALCOHOL: The consumption of alcohol by drivers is strictly prohibited. All drivers must maintain a blood alcohol level(BAC) of 0.0 throughout the event. Consumption of alcohol in the pit, paddock or other non-public area is prohibited until the conclusion of the Meeting.
• All wheel studs must have nuts and be tightened prior to entry to the track.
• The vehicle battery must be secured.
• No loose items are to be in the cabin (mobile phones, hand-held cameras, road maps etc.).
• Absolutely no fluid leaks.
• Brake lights must work, and brakes must be functional.
• Exhaust must exit outside the perimeter of the vehicle.
• Safety harnesses or seat belts must be complete units sourced from a recognized manufacturer and must be fitted and worn within the manufacturer's instructions or limitations and must meet the acceptable standards FIA 8853/98. FIA 8853 – 1985, SFI 16.1, FIA 8854 – 1991, AS 2596, ECE R16 & ASE35.
• Have on their coach work a blue triangle of 150 mm sides indicating the location of the battery or battery isolation switch if fitted.
• Driver's seat must be securely mounted to the cabin floor.
• A helmet which complies with AS 1698 and carries markings to that effect, or otherwise be a standard listed in Schedule D of the current CAMS manual.
Non flammable clothing must be worn, including cover from ankles to wrists to throat. No person will be permitted to participate wearing apparel of nylon or similar material. Whilst not compulsory, an approved driving suit is highly recommended.
Suitable footwear must be worn. Prohibited are (for example) thongs, Roman sandals, high-heeled shoes, nylon joggers and bare feet.
In open cars, goggles or visors with a material other than glass must be used (to AS 1609-1981).
•This event is held under CAMS and follows all relevant guidelines in relation to Drifting events. If applying for a CAMS licence on the day of the event, please be sure to read Section 3 of the Application before signing it for the conditions of the licence and cover.
•Initial Drift Australia Inc reserves the right to, at any stage, refuse entry or participation in the said event and evict entrants and spectators from the venue without question or reason.

D-Day Groupings

I have seen all the DVD's, I know what I am doing! (Beginner)
I grab seconds while doing round-a-bouts. (Intermediate)
I stunt double for Tsuchiya. (Advanced)

***CARS MUST HAVE A MINIMUM HALF CAGE TO BE ELIGIBLE TO CARRY PASSENGERS*** No Beginner groups are allowed to take passengers. Your driving will be assessed on the day so if you group yourself incorrectly just to take a passenger, be prepared for disappointment.

If you know the driver the cost is $30 and will get you access to unlimited rides throughout the day with that car. It is recommended to seek a drivers permission to secure a seat before you pay for a passenger run, for drivers, it is the perfect opportunity to scare your mates.


Gates open at 8am

Track Action from 9:30am till 4:00pm.

How to Pre Book

Click the below button and complete the registration form. We have enabled Paypal payments to make it easier for you all.

If you want to pay on the day that is fine, if the event sells out prior a notice will be placed here and on Facebook and the forums where the event is advertised.

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